Galet Antique

A Place Called Galet Re-discovers Hong Kong



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— Welcome to the Time Traveller’s home —

A place of wonder and secret songs where you’ll find peculiars dating back to the 1800s.
Every object you see here holds a secret that only you hold the key.
Here you’ll begin a journey back in time, and come face to face with people you never imagined existed.

The Time Traveller

The Time Traveller is an art collector who discovers rare treasures. He’s a historian who pieces together time with his objectsA storyteller who conjures stories and legends as he travels. The wise philosopher who conects minds and bring people together.

The Serendipity

Galet is a theatrical vision of an antique shop galvanising interest from young generations and people from all walks of life. The magic comes from owner and dreamcatcher Allen Yuan, a professional dancer and choreographer whose exploration of human nature and stories bleed over into his inspired vision of what an antique shop can be.



503A, Causeway Bay Centre,
15-23 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong

Founder / Collector

Allen Yuen


+852 6406 0863